Special Purpose Vehicle

Rhyno Tough Trucks

Chassis Construction

  • Tough, flexible simple ‘Ladder Style’ frame made to last from the highest quality steel available.
  • Galvanized and double dipped to ensure a lifetime of protection against corrosion. Finished in chip resistant quality gloss paint to allow for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Bolt on bracket assemblies for simple and quick replacement when necessary.
  • Chassis reconstruction and maintenance with simple bolt on individual frame rails and cross member assemblies.
  • Purpose designed and built for use in the most difficult, rugged, unforgiving terrain to allow maximum flexibility for extreme articulation and heavy load Share capability.
RHYNO Chassis

RHYNO Chassis

Body Construction

  •  Designed and manufactured for a lifetime of use as a special purpose extreme off road vehicle.
  • Body built to assist in the elimination of the need for recycling and waste Reduction
  • Constructed in 1.2mm galvanized steel
  • Floors are reinforced with 6mm steel
  • Front and rear screen of laminated glass, sliding side windows of toughened glass
  • Forward pitching bonnet secured in place by Southco bonnet straps and Stricker pins.
  • Exterior finished in white gloss with black trim.
RHYNO 4 door ute

RHYNO 4 door ute


  • RHYNO SS Suspension is the latest in advanced off road suspension technology. Designed and engineered for use in the most extreme off road conditions utilising custom, solid, full length, bolt on, adjustable control arms and panhard Rods.
  • Heavy duty full 360 degree rotation arm mounting anchors, to allow for unrestricted movement of front and rear axle assembly’s.
  • Minimum wearing surfaces to provide long life duration of all moving parts and low cost maintenance for bush replacement.
  • Massive articulation and flexibility to provide absolute domination over extreme rugged terrain.
  • Tough bolt on bracketry for coil towers shock absorber, control arm, panhard rod, and other components. Simple design for easy access and replacement or maintenance.
  • Dual adjustable long travel shocks absorbers and heavy duty shock absorber mounting bracket to absorb harsh, unforgiving, off road conditions and provide superior ride, control and stability in extreme situations.
Front Coil-transparent


front suspension-transparent



        • RHYNO Off Road Extreme Road Braking System, designed and engineered to provide superior stopping power in the most difficult and demanding off road conditions.
        • Heavy duty front and rear, tough, no nonsense, massive, 11″ Ventilated disc brake system.
        • Featuring large diameter rotor with heavy duty 8 stud wheel mounting application large diameter GM style single piston disc brake callipers and heavy duty 6 calliper mounting brackets.
        • Solid billet stainless steel precision engineered maintenance free calliper pistons
        • RHYNO designed and engineered, remote, heavy duty, single cylinder, transfer case mounted, disc brake hydraulic park brake assembly to eliminate need for complicated and troublesome rear  axle parking brake system.
        • RHYNO heavy duty large diameter dual diaphragm power booster with large bore dual piston disc brake master cylinder
        • RHYNO full 316 Heavy duty corrosion free stainless steel brake tube system, incorporating 316 stainless steel flexible brake hoses for a lifetime of use in extreme conditions.
RHYNO Wet Brake System

RHYNO Wet Brake System

Front brake

RHYNO Wet Brake System




              • Heavy duty GM Saginaw Power Steering Box, proven performance and reli- able of long term low maintenance use in off road vehicles.
              • Heavy duty GM Saginaw Powered Steering Pump proven performance and reliability with high delivery capacity for extreme use.
              • RHYNO designed and engineered heavy duty, adjustable steering arms and rods manufactured from the toughest, large diameter, high grade materials available with durable low maintenance  adjustable rod ends.
              • RHYNO heavy duty adjustable dual return to centre steering dampers to eliminate bump steer and off road aggressive feed back in extreme conditions.
              • RHYNO heavy duty machined billet steering shaft, and steering joints with collapsible sliding column intermediate shaft, for driver protection and safety.
              • RHYNO Off Road steering box and steering gear, heavy duty protection guards for maximum  protection in extreme conditions.


Fuel System

              • RHYNO designed and engineered tough low maintenance alloy large capacity dual fuel tanks, corrosion resistant against harsh conditions with reliable, durable sender gauge and pickup equipment.
              • RHYNO stainless steel, low maintenance fuel lines, flexible hoses and chassis line clamps.



Electrical System

              • RHYNO designed and manufactured heavy duty Ultimate Off Road Wiring System – Simple design allows for easy and accessible maintenance.
              • Interior mounted weather sealed control box to protect the complete electrical control system against the harsh elements.
              • Features trouble free reliable breaker switches, heavy duty relay and ultra heavy duty wiring cables.
              • Water seated rear tray L.E.D. lamps reduce the need for replacement and eliminates corrosive wiring issues.
              • Quartz halogen sealed hi beam headlights and super duty off road lamps to provide Safe, secure, superior lighting for extreme situations.
              • Full marine VDO instrumentation to provide accurate vehicle performance and mechanical fail safe insurance information to in-vehicle occupants.




              • Tough, reliable, simple high torque GM 6.5 litre V8 diesel engine battle proven for use in extreme conditions in US military vehicles throughout Iraq, Afghanistan etc. GM Hummer and Chevrolet vehicles world wide.
              • Low maintenance easy access to engine accessories, mechanical reliable fuel injector pump, eliminates the need for high tech high maintenance electronic components.
              • Performance and trial tested over 20 years with Inviro Diesel Technology, Dual Fuel Inviro Diesel System.
              • Huge Horsepower rating 170 Hp @ 3400 RPH massive torque delivery, 320 LBS @ 1700 RPM.
              • Indirect injection by rotary pump and nozzle injector for simple low maintenance operation.

GM 65 ltr diesel


              • GM Heavy Duty Turbo Hydro 400 Automatic Transmission.
              • Built tough and programmed to accommodate the torque and performance of the GM V8 6.5 liter diesel ultra reliable to provide the very best in off road driving capability and performance.
              • Proven to be one of the worlds best transmissions – used extensively in high performance and drag cars, heavy duty trucks and military vehicles world wide.
              • RHYNO Off Road auto-transmission shift selector for precise off /on road control.
              • Atlas 2 heavy duty transfer case – The ultimate in power share delivery for extreme four wheel drive capability.
              • Twin stick selection for direct and simple operation. Ultra low 2 speed geared transmission for powerful pulling and climbing ability.
              • Simple and low maintenance design.



              • RHYNO designed and engineered RHYNO Off Road trucks extreme front and rear differential assembly’s.
              • Precision engineered and fabricated bullet proof axle housings, manufactured from the finest material available.
              • Designed for quick and easy access and removal or replacement of differential centers.
              • Heavy duty drop out centers with limited slip capability and low gear ratios to provide for maximum four wheel drive traction in extreme off road conditions.
              • Solid heavy duty full floating axles precision machined from the toughest billet high grade steel materials to absorb massive horsepower and demanding traction without failure under the heaviest loads and demanding conditions.
              • Built-in protection with Rhyno engineered designed rock guards and axle housing truss braces to prevent housing damage or warpage in extreme conditions
              • Full Floating Design Housing to support extreme loads and demanding conditions with tough solid support brackets for Rhyno Suspension and Brake System.

RHYNO Special purpose wet brake system

Cooling System

RHYNO Designed and Engineered High Performance Full Aluminium Radiator Kit.

              • Superior Cooling under the most demanding of extreme off road conditions.
              • Manufactured from the finest 2mm aircraft grade aluminum, fully welded hi-
                density core, fine fin separation offers the best in heat dissipation.
              • Full Alloy Custom Built Radiator fan shroud for super efficient air flow.
              • Custom stainless steel coolant remote pressure relief vessel to eliminate the
                weak plastic units and provide life time service with nil maintenance.
              • Custom stainless steel radiator and heater hose kit for long life and minimal


Trim and Interior

              • RHYNO manufactured full 316 Stainless Steel Dash assembly designed to last a lifetime of use and abuse. Corrosion free and cut to precision by the latest in laser technology.
              • Stylish yet simple, removable stainless steel instrument panel to provide clear and uninterrupted view at all times.
              • RHYNO manufactured full stainless steel interior door trims, tough, unbreakable and easy to clean.
              • RHYNO manufactured stainless steel seat frames designed to last a lifetime under extreme conditions. Foam padded and trimmed in easy clean waterproof fabric to provide comfort and to withstand open air conditions.


Wheels, Rims and Tyres

              • Full design and engineered heavy duty special billet alloy rims, machined from solid high grade alloy material to with-stand severe use.
              • Removable bead lock outer rim for quick and easy repairs in difficult off road situations.
              • Massive, tough and aggressive off road tyres, off road race proven for use in tough rugged terrain.
              • High flotation and aggressive tread for extra grip on soft and slippery surfaces.


RHYNO Bars and Body Armour

              • Heavy Duty Diamond Plate alloy body amour protection to safe guard damage prone areas against panel and structure damage.
              • Heavy duty protection bars and rails, designed and engineered and manufactured to protect chassis, body and occupants in extreme conditions.
              • Internal and external rollover bars.
              • Rock slide side rails to protect against sill, under body and chassis damage.
              • Front and rear protection bars to protect against body and chassis damage in severe approach and departure situations.
              • Underbelly guards to protect full tanks, gas tanks, hydraulic equipment and accessories.


RHYNO Under Dash air Conditioning Unit

              • Custom designed full width ‘Alloy Under Dash Unit ‘
              • Integrated heater and demister .
              • Robust alloy constructed facia and vent system.
              • Compact, simple and efficient air conditioner evaporator.
              • Clean and tidy firewall adaptor with bolt on hoses adaptor for easy installation.
              • Heavy duty chrome Sanden 508 compressor unit delivers large volume cooling capacity.
              • Heavy duty remote mount condenser with cooling fan to ensure reliability.

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